media 2012

The release of Yoshiko’s twice yearly hair collections is always eagerly awaited. Dani and the Yoshiko team are at the forefront of the latest hair trends in hair cutting and colouring. Showcasing their work is their way of sharing their creativity and expertise in cutting colouring and styling techniques! Yoshiko’s hair collections are published in the latest hair and fashion magazines from around the globe - New York, Tokyo, London, Paris and Milan, just to name a few!

yoshiko hair_st Kilda_melbourne_colourist_hairdresser_hair@beauty_1jpg
yoshiko hair_st Kilda_melbourne_colourist_hairdresser_salon _hair&beauty 2
yoshiko hair_st Kilda_melbourne_colourist_hairdresser_salon_hair&beauty_3jpg

HJ. cover_yoshiko hair_st Kilda hairdresser_melbourne hair jpg
yoshiko hair_st kilda hairdresser_ melbourne hairHJ2 2.jpg
yoshiko hair_st kilda hairdresser_melbourne hairHJ3 2.jpg
yoshiko hair_st kilda hairdresser_melbourne hair-HJ4 2.jpg

yoshiko hair_melbourne_ stkillda_hairdresser_hairsalon_best hairtop hair 1.jpg
yoshiko hair_colourist_hairdresser_st kilda_melbourne_tophair web.jpg


yoshiko hair_ st kilda_melbourne_hairdresser_salon pro12_1 .jpg
yoshiko hair_st Kilda_melbourne_colourist_hairdresser_salon pro12_2jpg