melbourne blonde - st kilda's yoshiko hair for loreal professional au by Dani Blakeley

St Kilda hair colour experts, Yoshiko Hair was natural choice as the location of L'Oreal Australia's #blondefident campaign. St Kilda's most awarded Hair Salon , Yoshiko Hair has been involved in over ten national colour and cut campaigns;  launching new hair colours and influencing hair trends across Australia. L'Oreal's new Blondefident lighteners used in conjunction with their bond enhancer #smartbond, have been achieving amazing blondes. All with enhanced hair condition.

Real world client "Jess" was made over Yoshiko's Dani as an Guest Artist for L'Oreal Professional Australia

hair colour trend 17 - denim - st kilda hairdresser - colour experts yoshiko hair by Dani Blakeley


One of the hottest hair  colour trends for 2017. The USA's Short Hair Style Guide featured Yoshiko Hair's Starlight collection, when show casing this New Trend.

Denim Hair is all over the Fashion Press this Year. Where like your denim jeans, your hair can be any shade of Blue. With L'Oreal Professional's new #colorfulhair we are able to create the from the softest of Baby Blues to Vibrate Blues safely. This new Colour range from the worlds biggest hair research laboratory, will last up to 17 washes at home.

At Yoshiko Hair we like to create trends not follow them. Yoshiko Hair Director / L'Oreal Professional Colour Ambassador Dani created her fashion forward Starlight back in 2015. Where the team at Yoshiko were already predicting more vibrate hair colours coming to the fore of hair fashion.

Yoshiko Hair are St Kilda's colour experts. St Kilda's most Awarded Hair Salon, including being a finalist in Hair Expo's NZ/Aus Colourist of the Year 2016. The team boast two Guest Artists for L'Oreal Australia.


in salon blondes - from the blonde experts at yoshiko hair, the st kilda hairdresser by Dani Blakeley

st kilda hairdresser yoshiko hair blonde clients

At Yoshiko we are known for our Blondes. With the launch of L'Oreal Professional's #BLONDEFIDENT filmed at Yoshiko on Fitzroy Street, our expertise has been used nationally. Yet we get our greatest satisfaction from working on our clients.

At Yoshiko we pride ourselves on all our blondes including the Golds, Ashes and Pastel Blondes. At Yoshiko we shall be able to give you the tone you want and an after salon treatment program designed around your specific needs. Be it a full head lighten, ballyage or a full head of foils. You can be assured that with in salon use  of L'Oreal Professional Colour along with #SMARTBOND, shall protect and improve the condition of your hair.

Our team of colourist at Yoshiko are the most experienced colour experts in St Kilda. With Kelly who is a L'Oreal Professional ID Artists and former member of the high prestigious UK Colour Fame team. While Chris's colour and styling work has graced the pages of many fashion magazines. Finally Yoshiko Hair's Dani is L'Oreal Professional Colour Ambassador and St Kilda's Most Awarded Hairdresser. Dani was a finalist in Hair Expo's Aus/NZ Colourist of Year 2016.

st kilda's hair colour experts - behind the scenes with a hair expo colour finalist by Dani Blakeley

A insight at Behind the scenes of Yoshiko Hair's Zaibatsu collection, and what it takes to be selected as one of four finalist in Hair Expo's Aus/NZ Colourist of the Year. When the Hair Expo awards are judged every year the panel are looking for a forward looking collection which showcases great skill by the colourist.

 Zaibatsu was created by St Kilda Hairdresser, Dani who did both the cuts and colours in this collection. She developed this collection which celebrates a strong cult of individualism, to create new colour techniques which  could inspire clients and fellow hairdressers alike.  As part of her Role of a L'Oreal Professional Guest Artist Dani teach hairdressers around Australia new techniques.

Yoshiko Hair has the strongest Colour Department in St Kilda Hairdressing, with Dani joined by fellow L'Oreal Professional Guest Artist Kelly. Kelly was on the famous UK Colour Fame team and a finalist in the L'Oreal UK Colour trophy. The salon has created over ten National  Colour and Cut campaigns for Colour Companies. Including L'Oreal Australia"s Hair Contouring, Smartbond and Blondefident campaigns.

smartbond, the best re-bonder on the market by Dani Blakeley

Yoshiko Hair, as a L'Oreal Professional salon, we have found that SMARTBOND is the best re-bonding product on the market.  At Yoshiko we have always been innovators when it come to hair colour. From testing new hair colours never released on the market for  hair colour companies; to being  of the very first Australian Hair Salons to use a Re-Bonding Product. So it was not a surprise when as a L'Oreal Australia Colour Ambassador Yoshiko's Dani was invited to test SMARTBOND in a pre market launch last year. Yoshiko Head Colourist and L'Oreal Australia Colour ID Artist Kelly joined Dani in putting this new product through the rigours.

At Yoshiko Hair when we colour hair we have always been concerned about the integrity of your hair condition as much as the look. With our level of expertise we were getting great results with the well known re - bonder we were using. With any product we use we have to truely believe in it! So we approached this new product, unsure of the results.

Ella @ellabritz Coloured by Chris @cjgeez @yoshiko_hair

Before we go on there is a major difference between Smartbond and other re- bonders on the market. Smart bond isn't a re-bonder! Traditional re- bonders rebuild the bonds after they have been damaged during the colouring process. Smartbond differs as it protects and strengthens the bonds further. In effect strengthening  the bonds before the damage has been allowed to occur.

 Dani was amazed by the result she achieved  when she coloured model Jess who's hair was trashed from multiple home dying attempts for L'Oreal Australia . From an uneven hair colour we were able to achieve this beautiful peachy pink.  The hair condition was improved dramatically with extra shine, Both Chris and Kelly have achieved results never achieavable before on our clients in the salon. As seen with Chris's @cjgeez colour and cut leading model Ella @ellabritz @yoshiko_hair

An added bonus to the familia three stage process is that the take home product is $40 for 250ml. There is also less time spent in the salon, as the colour processing time remains the same as normal.  

how to look glamorous over winter avoiding dry hair or a dry scalp by Dani Blakeley


Who said you only look and feel Glamorous  for  Summer. With the onset of Winter you may have noticed that you have a Dry Scalp or  Dry Hair. Just because it is winter it doesn't mean that you have to put up with this irritation.

With a visit to your Hair Experts at St Kilda's Yoshiko Hair, we are able to do away with your irritations and give you the hair you deserve all year round. Your Yoshiko Expert will be able to analyse your hair and provide a course of action that individually  suite to your own hair.

One course of action is that  of a in-salon Treatment and Blow-dry can be great to smooth and tame dry and frizzy hair. If you haven't had one of our Masters Shu Uemura Treatments you are in for a treat. While your dry hair and scalp are. treated you shall find that your luxurious scalp massage, will alleviate tensions.

If your problem is that of dry hair, this may make a perfect candidate for a Keratin Smoothing treatment. With over eight years of experience in doing Keratin treatments Yoshiko have built an insumeable body of knowledge and experience

We shall also be able to prescribe to your individual needs, a take home regime which is best suited to your hair. Both our L'Oreal Professional and Shu Uemura Hair Care ranges have excellent products to help you have glamours hair over winter.