keratin smoothing treatment - a life changing experience from st kilda hairdresser , yoshiko hair / by Dani Blakeley

Yoshiko Hair has been using Keratin Treatments for over five years when they appeared in the market. With this experience they determined that Trichovedic Treatment used in the salon, is the best product on the market in Australia.

So what is Keratin? For one it isn't a chemical straightening service. Keratin a smoothing treatment, is natural protein which has the ability to "relax" hair and condition hair. Frizz and bulk are reduced allowing for easy blow drys and easy maintenance. Especially in hot weather. Clients with difficult hair have found this product "life changing", allowing them to obtain to previously unobtainable beautiful carefree hair.

How long will it last? Keratin shall last a minimal of three months, with some clients finding this service to last up to six months. The treatment process involves fusing Keratin into the hair follicle. Normally hair washing removes the Keratin over time. It is important to use a Sulphate free shampoo supplied by the salon which is gentle on your hair and Keratin alike. To use an inferior shampoo would be like washing your treatment down the drain without the desired results.

The Process. The process is undertaken by our professionally trained team within the salon. Taking around two hours in the salon. The hair is cleansed and dried, then a thin layer of keratin is applied and dried and then ironed into the hair.the hair is then washed and blow-dried unlike other keratin treatments where the keratin stays in. There is no down time, once you have had the treatment you are able to wash your hair the next day. 
Our treatment doesn't contain any formaldehyde, banned by Australia's ACCC