Latest film shoot - Oscuro collection, from stkilda hairdresser, yoshiko hair / by Richard Cooke

Behind the scenes of Yoshiko Hair’s inspirational Oscuro shoot.

In collative partnership with Melbourne Fashion photographer Peter Rosestky, Yoshiko Creative Director Dani Blakeley latest shoot resembles a work of art. Not just a group of hairstyles. Dani remarked that “we went out to push boundaries. Creatively. Showing hairdressers of the world what can be achieved with a lot of passion. I decided to use a lot of different textures with this collection, I have always seen hair as fabric and I love to create unique designs that push the boundaries.”

With Oscuro, meaning dark and mysterious in Spanish we were fortunate to work with the very talented Neville Antoinette. His couture garments from his Elliven brand were a perfect match for this shot.

Dani and the Yoshiko Creative team continue to create hair imagery which is showcased by leading publications around the world.