ballyage - still a hot and happening hair trend - st kilda colour salon, yoshiko hair / by Dani Blakeley

Every summer the hair colour trend is to go lighter. Ballyage is great colour technique to go lighter.
Ballyage is the application of freehand colour that sweeps through the hair, which results no visible regrowth.
The current trend at Yoshiko Hair with Ballyage this summer, is to have the mid lengths and ends lightened. While adding some lightness through the front. Which results in a soft and subtle lightness to frame the face.
Trending presently  is Sombre. This when you have the ends of your hair lighter but only subtlety. Giving tone on tone variation.
Ballyage in the above image was preform on a Yoshiko model three years ago. This Yoshiko Hair colour was published around the globe, as a great example of Ballyage.
Ballyage is a  timeless and ageless look that can be all lengths and hair types.