olaplex finds a new home in st kilda. / by Dani Blakeley

Ever wondered how Hollywood Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian and Kelly Osborne can keep changing their hair colour, without damage to their hair. The well kept Hollywood secret has  now hit the shores in Australia and is available now at Yoshiko Hair.

Caroline as picture has never before been able to lift her dark hair, however with Olaplex has been able to achieve this amazing pastel shade with absolutely no damage to the hair.

Olaplex works by rebonding the sulphur bonds in the hair says Yoshiko Hair creative director Dani Blakeley, in fact your hair can be left in better condition after a colour than before." I have been hairdressing for 30 years and have seen colour progress and change in that time. However I have never seen anything so amazing as Olapex, it will revolutionise  the way we do colour."

Whether you are after a complete colour make over that you never thought achievable or if you are concerned about the condition of your hair and would like to safeguard against damage and make your hair stronger every time you colour. Then Olaplex is for you.