how to look glamorous over winter avoiding dry hair or a dry scalp / by Dani Blakeley


Who said you only look and feel Glamorous  for  Summer. With the onset of Winter you may have noticed that you have a Dry Scalp or  Dry Hair. Just because it is winter it doesn't mean that you have to put up with this irritation.

With a visit to your Hair Experts at St Kilda's Yoshiko Hair, we are able to do away with your irritations and give you the hair you deserve all year round. Your Yoshiko Expert will be able to analyse your hair and provide a course of action that individually  suite to your own hair.

One course of action is that  of a in-salon Treatment and Blow-dry can be great to smooth and tame dry and frizzy hair. If you haven't had one of our Masters Shu Uemura Treatments you are in for a treat. While your dry hair and scalp are. treated you shall find that your luxurious scalp massage, will alleviate tensions.

If your problem is that of dry hair, this may make a perfect candidate for a Keratin Smoothing treatment. With over eight years of experience in doing Keratin treatments Yoshiko have built an insumeable body of knowledge and experience

We shall also be able to prescribe to your individual needs, a take home regime which is best suited to your hair. Both our L'Oreal Professional and Shu Uemura Hair Care ranges have excellent products to help you have glamours hair over winter.