smartbond, the best re-bonder on the market / by Dani Blakeley

Yoshiko Hair, as a L'Oreal Professional salon, we have found that SMARTBOND is the best re-bonding product on the market.  At Yoshiko we have always been innovators when it come to hair colour. From testing new hair colours never released on the market for  hair colour companies; to being  of the very first Australian Hair Salons to use a Re-Bonding Product. So it was not a surprise when as a L'Oreal Australia Colour Ambassador Yoshiko's Dani was invited to test SMARTBOND in a pre market launch last year. Yoshiko Head Colourist and L'Oreal Australia Colour ID Artist Kelly joined Dani in putting this new product through the rigours.

At Yoshiko Hair when we colour hair we have always been concerned about the integrity of your hair condition as much as the look. With our level of expertise we were getting great results with the well known re - bonder we were using. With any product we use we have to truely believe in it! So we approached this new product, unsure of the results.

Ella @ellabritz Coloured by Chris @cjgeez @yoshiko_hair

Before we go on there is a major difference between Smartbond and other re- bonders on the market. Smart bond isn't a re-bonder! Traditional re- bonders rebuild the bonds after they have been damaged during the colouring process. Smartbond differs as it protects and strengthens the bonds further. In effect strengthening  the bonds before the damage has been allowed to occur.

 Dani was amazed by the result she achieved  when she coloured model Jess who's hair was trashed from multiple home dying attempts for L'Oreal Australia . From an uneven hair colour we were able to achieve this beautiful peachy pink.  The hair condition was improved dramatically with extra shine, Both Chris and Kelly have achieved results never achieavable before on our clients in the salon. As seen with Chris's @cjgeez colour and cut leading model Ella @ellabritz @yoshiko_hair

An added bonus to the familia three stage process is that the take home product is $40 for 250ml. There is also less time spent in the salon, as the colour processing time remains the same as normal.