blondes don't have all the fun, balayage is for everyone. st kilda hairdresser, yoshiko hair. / by Dani Blakeley

radiant balayage yoshiko hair melbourne.jpg

When you say Balayage, most think of Blonde Hair. Balayage needn't just be limited to Blondes, it is a technique that equally effective when used across the whole colour spectrum.

Balayage is a natural graduated colouring technique, created by the expert placement of hair colour to natural hair. The end result should be Seamless. At Yoshiko Hair we paid ourselves to being Colour Placement experts and all things Balayage. Using only top quality hair products, we will never leave hair showing gaps, strips or sort of just wrong! Remember balayage isn't a outgrown regrowth, it is a look that is created in the salon.

When Hass's client Rosie came into Yoshiko Hair with a flat burgundy colour. Hass was able to lift the hair with the using L'Oreal Sweet Meches, with the protection of Smartbond. We use L'Oreal Professional Reds for not only their variant shades but long lasting abality.Not only protecting your hair in the lightening process, Smartbond will improve the condition of your hair with prolonged use. The end result has added variance to the hair and has given the hair more "life". Colour Contouring has been used to enhanced the face attractiveness.

Finished off with a signature Yoshiko Haircut, which designed to enhance your natural beauty and hair colour. At Yoshiko our work in tailored around of elements of the service enhancing each other.

Rosie's hair was shampooed with Oribe Colour Shampoo and Conditioner for enhanced shine and softness. Hass finished the hair using Oribe Styling to create soft waves.

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