keeping your balayage beautiful using a french gloss. st kilda hairdressers, yoshiko hair. / by Dani Blakeley

balayage french gloss yoshiko hair.jpg

Balayage is a great low maintenance Hair Colour look. Yet to keep your Balayage as fabulous as the day you left the salon, you need to maintain your colour with a French Gloss.

Balayage is a natural graduated colouring technique, created by the expert placement of hair colour to natural hair. The end result should be Seamless. At Yoshiko Hair we paid ourselves to being Colour Placement experts and all things Balayage. Using only world leading L'Oreal Professional, we will never leave hair showing gaps, strips or looking sort of just wrong! To keep your perfect Yoshiko Balayage looking great, we suggest that you come into the salon between colours.

L'Oreal Professional the inventors of Blonde have developed French Gloss to keep your Balayage looking Fab! A French Gloss will remove any unwanted warmth from your Balayage while adding to the shine and condition of your Hair Colour. Using L'Oreal Professional Smartbond which is Colour the Smart Way, your hair condition shall be Protected and Enhanced. We would recommend that your come into Yoshiko Hair for your French Gloss every six to eight weeks.

Remember life is too short for average hair. Visit Yoshiko!