win $20000 in diamonds when you protect your hair with #smartbond at yoshiko hair by Dani Blakeley

Go into the draw to win $20000 worth of diamonds by using Smartbond in your Hair Colour at Yoshiko Hair before the 31st of October. At Yoshiko Hair we have been using Smartbond since its introduction to Australia. With Yoshiko's Dani being part the Launch Campaign.

Smartbond isn't a bond repairer! It is a bond protector unlike many similar products on the market. It works by stopping any damage occurring during the colouring process while improving the strength and condition of the hair. L'Oreal Smartbond Ambassadour Ellie Gonsalves went from Copper to Blonde without her hair being negatively effected.

From day one of using Smartbond we have been getting amazing results with this product. We were one of the launch customers of the first Bond Protector on the market and were suitably impressed. So when the L'Oreal Professional launched Smartbond were needed convinced that the new product was as good as the one we were using. After Dani did her model below, for the launch. She wasn't just impressed. She was blown away! Her model with lifeless damaged hair was transformed with Smartbond. Leaving the studio with shiny and healthier hair.

Winners shall win the Ultimate Diamond Shopping Experience, being flown to Sydney to pickup your prize at Cerrone Jewellers. Not before stopping off for lunch at Sydney's Iconic Bondi Iceberges. A total prize of $25000 in value.

For Hair as Strong as Diamonds always insist on Smartbond as stocked by St Kilda's Yoshiko Hair.