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st kilda's hair colour experts - behind the scenes with a hair expo colour finalist by Dani Blakeley

A insight at Behind the scenes of Yoshiko Hair's Zaibatsu collection, and what it takes to be selected as one of four finalist in Hair Expo's Aus/NZ Colourist of the Year. When the Hair Expo awards are judged every year the panel are looking for a forward looking collection which showcases great skill by the colourist.

 Zaibatsu was created by St Kilda Hairdresser, Dani who did both the cuts and colours in this collection. She developed this collection which celebrates a strong cult of individualism, to create new colour techniques which  could inspire clients and fellow hairdressers alike.  As part of her Role of a L'Oreal Professional Guest Artist Dani teach hairdressers around Australia new techniques.

Yoshiko Hair has the strongest Colour Department in St Kilda Hairdressing, with Dani joined by fellow L'Oreal Professional Guest Artist Kelly. Kelly was on the famous UK Colour Fame team and a finalist in the L'Oreal UK Colour trophy. The salon has created over ten National  Colour and Cut campaigns for Colour Companies. Including L'Oreal Australia"s Hair Contouring, Smartbond and Blondefident campaigns.

behind the scenes on st kilda hairdresser yoshiko hair's ahfa 2015 finalist shoot. lineaire. by Dani Blakeley

Yoshiko Hair's Dani's photographic collection Lineaire, was selected as a finalist in the highly regarded Australian Hair Fashion Awards - vic 2015.
In this video we are taken on a journey, as  Dani with help the team at Yoshiko create Lineaire. Every photo shoot has an underlining theme. This theme is reflected in this video.
Dani drew her  inspiration from graffiti art prevalent on the lane ways on Melbourne. A combination of strong architectural lines with freehand spray painting of street art. The video explores this theme taking septets of our urban environment highlighting strong lines; yet softened with imagery of our models behind the scenes on the set.
Inspiration is transferred to both colour and cut techniques developed for this shoot. Colour techniques are strong yet applied using freehand methods.  While the cuts that are strong and directional. Yet soft and feminine.  A trademark of the work of Yoshiko.
Hair inspiration from Yoshiko Hair is in strong demand around the globe. With fashion forecast  and collections regularly published in cities such as New York, Paris, London, San Paulo, Milan and Shanghai.
Dani is a guest artist for L'Oreal Professional Australia.


your hair is a reflection of your health - st kilda hairdresser yoshiko hair by Dani Blakeley

Your hair can be a reflection of your health. By looking at someones hair we can see signs of a  person who could be suffering hormonal changes,  lacking vitamins or has had there hair over processed.
Optimal hair health normally occurs around the age of 18 years. Hairs health diminishes from this time forward. 
Three years ago I suffered hair loss during my second pregnancy. I found that an iron deficiency lead to this hair loss. With iron supplements and a proven hair loss treatment I was able to restore my hair.
Hair thins naturally with age. Stress, thyroid problems, hormones and hereditary reasons can all lead to hair loss. If your hair loss in abnormal you should see a medical professional. If your hair loss is considered normal we have a number of treatments which may prove beneficial.
When our hair becomes grey it becomes courser. In our experienced opinion colouring grey hair can make it feel softer and look shiner.
At Yoshiko our hair experts are able analyse your hair and help restore its health. With the use of low or no ammonia colour we can offer colour services which are kinder to your hair. Our low or no sulphate shampoos are less drying to the hair. We also favour products  with no or little parabens and silicones as these only coat your hair and make your hair heavy.
With hair loss we stock the best products on the market. We have seen great improvements in clients hair loss with these products.
Let the hair experts at Yoshiko taylor solutions for your hair.

yoshiko busy on stage at hair expo by Dani Blakeley

Yoshiko Hair had a busy weekend at Hair Expo on the weekend. Both Artistic Director Dani Blakeley and our apprentice Caroline graced the stage at Hair Expo.

Caroline who was a finalist in Hair Expo Apprentice of the Year, took to the stage for first time. On Saturday she  did the salon proud as she recreated one of the looks from her award winning collection. With Dani comparing, Caroline captivated the audience. Caroline undertook a second show on the Sunday with the other finalist in Apprentice of the Year, in front of a capacity crowd.

Dani used her vast experience of years of stage work, to compare the main stage at Hair Expo, on the Monday. She did this on behalf of the Australian Hairdressing Council, which Yoshiko Hair is a member.

Monday was the long awaited awards night, where unfortunately Caroline missed out being judged the Apprentice of the Year. Still to be one of six finalist (all from top salons) across Australia, where there are over 7000  hairdressing apprentices is a major achievement. We shall look forward to seeing Caroline on stage in the future, with many opportunities coming her way.

Well done to all the finalist. We are looking forward to when Hair Expo next year comes to Melbourne, where Yoshiko shall will have even a bigger role to play.