blondes don't have all the fun, balayage is for everyone. st kilda hairdresser, yoshiko hair. by Dani Blakeley

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When you say Balayage, most think of Blonde Hair. Balayage needn't just be limited to Blondes, it is a technique that equally effective when used across the whole colour spectrum.

Balayage is a natural graduated colouring technique, created by the expert placement of hair colour to natural hair. The end result should be Seamless. At Yoshiko Hair we paid ourselves to being Colour Placement experts and all things Balayage. Using only top quality hair products, we will never leave hair showing gaps, strips or sort of just wrong! Remember balayage isn't a outgrown regrowth, it is a look that is created in the salon.

When Hass's client Rosie came into Yoshiko Hair with a flat burgundy colour. Hass was able to lift the hair with the using L'Oreal Sweet Meches, with the protection of Smartbond. We use L'Oreal Professional Reds for not only their variant shades but long lasting abality.Not only protecting your hair in the lightening process, Smartbond will improve the condition of your hair with prolonged use. The end result has added variance to the hair and has given the hair more "life". Colour Contouring has been used to enhanced the face attractiveness.

Finished off with a signature Yoshiko Haircut, which designed to enhance your natural beauty and hair colour. At Yoshiko our work in tailored around of elements of the service enhancing each other.

Rosie's hair was shampooed with Oribe Colour Shampoo and Conditioner for enhanced shine and softness. Hass finished the hair using Oribe Styling to create soft waves.

Call now to get your free consultation with St Kilda's Most Awarded Colour Team at Yoshiko Hair .

seamless balayage. the must have balayage, st kilda hairdresser, yoshiko hair. by Dani Blakeley

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Balayage should be Seamless! At St Kilda's Yoshiko Hair we have the areas most Awarded Colour team, featured in the likes of Marie Claire, Vogue .... able to create balayage as it should be.

Balayage is a natural graduated look, created with placement of colour . Combing your natural hair with coloured hair. We can alter how dramatic the effect is, is determined by altering the amount of colour left uncoloured. At Yoshiko we are all about placement! Using only top quality hair products, we will never leave hair showing gaps, strips or sort of just wrong! Remember balayage isn't a outgrown regrowth, it is a look that is created in the salon.

Balayage is the perfect low maintain hair colour, yet for blonde balayage we recommend that you come into the salon for a freshen up with a toner. A good shampoo and conditioner matched to your hair and lifestyle in the salon, is a great investment. So your balayage continues to look great.

Yoshiko isn't just another salon. Boasting a colour team that have created National Hair Colour campaigns and Educated fellow hairdressers across Australia. With our Balayage and Blonde colour work having been published across the Globe. From New York and London to Paris and Milan; our cut and colour work has been inspiring around the world.

Balayage and Amazing Blonde work is what Yoshiko is known for. With a wealth of experience gained from working across the globe; Yoshiko shall give you the ballad you need. Seamless!

balayage or ombre - what is the difference? st kilda hairdresser, yoshiko hair by Dani Blakeley

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Balayage and Ombre will be Hot Hair looks for this Summer. Before you get head into the salon, you need to make sure you are asking for the right colour service.

Balayage and Ombre as hair trends have been with us for a long time now, yet there is still some confusion when it comes to these techniques.

Ombre is the more dramatic of the two effects. Here the ends or mid lengths are coloured in more a block or sold colour. This colour blocks mean that none of your natural hair colour is showing in these areas.

While Balayage is a more subtle natural, look with some of your uncoloured hair still showing in the areas that have coloured. We can vary how dramatic your hair colour result is, by altering the amount of hair we leave uncoloured. With Freehand French Balayage where we use special air developers from L'Oreal Professional we are to give you an even more natural look.

Balayage should be seamless. At St Kilda's Yoshiko Hair we boast the area's most Awarded Colour Team. With our work showcased on television, on stage and in print across australia and around the Globe. Using Freehand, Foils and Sweetmeche techniques along with Smartbond and L'Oreal Professional. With a free consult at st Kilda's luxury salon Yoshiko, we can help determine which look is best for your facial features and lifestyle.

french freehand balayage - natural looking balayage at st kilda's yoshiko hair by Dani Blakeley

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What is French Freehand Balayage you may ask? Freehand Balayage originating in France is the application of colour without foils or plastic film, as to achieve a Natural and Subtle looking Hair Colour. At Yoshiko Hair we used specially developed hair colours and developers which have been created by L'Oreal Professional for this application. Developed in Paris by the worlds leading innovators to when it comes Hair Colour; L'Oreal has developed Developers that are Air Activated. Instead of being temperature driven. When combined with the use of Smartbond you have the confidence not only that your hair will not suffer any damage but shall improve in condition during this process.

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Yoshiko Hair’s Master of Balayage. Hass, can be seen doing Freehand Balayage represented in the Top image. Hass along with Natalie and Dani are all leading Melbourne Hair Colourist. St Kilda’s Best Colourist have published around the globe, educated other hairdressers and worked on many National Hair Colour Campaigns. The Salon is know for their Blondes and was featured L’Oreal Australia’s Blondefident.

Experience getting your hair coloured at Fitzroy Streets, Yoshiko and you shall understand why Marie Clair listed the salon as on of the top salons in Australia to get your pampered.