st kilda hairdresser yoshiko hair, one of australia's top salons - marie claire magazine. by Dani Blakeley

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"Whether you want a bouncy blow - dry, a statement shade or a chic cut. Its time to book into one of these leading salons.... Yoshiko Hair is renown for outstanding work throughout St Kilda and beyond" , Marie Claire Magazine.

Marie Claire's Inside Guide has listed Yoshiko as one of only six salons in Victoria, to go for all your hair needs. This accolade for Yoshiko, adds to a already long list of achievements and awards; obtained by St Kilda's Most Awarded Hair Salon. Team members at Yoshiko have been call on to educate and inspire other hairdressers across the nation. With key team members creating over ten National Cut and Colour campaigns for the likes of L'Oreal Professional, Lakme and De Lorenzo. With Yoshiko's hair imagery and trend forecast published in countless Hair Magazines around the globe.

No wonder Marie Claire magazines choose St Kilda's Yoshiko as one of the must to places to have your hair done!

express blonde rescue, at st kilda's blonde hair experts. yoshiko hair. by Dani Blakeley

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Rescue your Blonde with Yoshiko Hair's new 15 Highlight Express Service, until the trail period ends on the 20th of October.

As the weather warms up its time to get social again! If your Blonde is a little dull and flat yet you are time poor, our new Express Blonde Rescue service is for you. Yoshiko Hair named by Marie Claire magazine as one of Australia's Top Hair salons, are your local Blonde Experts.

With our new Express Blonde Rescue service you receive unto 15 foils, with the protection of Smartbond. Finished off with a glamorous Yoshiko blow dry.

Yoshiko Hair is St Kilda's most Awarded Hair Colour salon and is featured in magazines around the Globe. You know your Blonde is in safe hands when the team doing your hair, are same as featured in L'Oreal's national #Blondefident campaign.

yoshiko luxury. try our beautiful cote d azur scent from oribe when at st kilda's yoshiko by Dani Blakeley

cote d azur st kilda hairdresser yoshiko hair

Common to all the luxury haircare range from Oribe is the Cote d Azur scent. With every Shampoo, conditioner and styling product sharing the same scent.

Oribe which is named after Americas most influential Session Stylist who developed a haircare range designed to exceed all products on the market in terms of performance and luxury. Oribe in his work found that there were gaps in styling tools. So he worked clients, leading designers and scientist to develop the Oribe range.

For the scent he went to one of the oldest and most exclusive French Fragrance Houses in the world . For over 200 years this House has developed iconic fragrance for brands such as Tom Ford and of course Cote d Azur for Oribe. He worked with the Versace group for give the products the high end look they are known for.

At Yoshiko Hair we are always looking for the best products. From L'Oreal Professional and Smartbond to Oribe haircare. You know when Anna Wintour and Jlo only use Oribe on their hair it must be good!

So next time when you get your hair done at Yoshiko with a glass of wine, T2 tea or coffee take the time to refresh yourselves in our Rest Room with Cote d Azur

lightening up your blonde for spring at st kilda hairdresser, yoshiko hair. by Dani Blakeley

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Spring has finally arrived. Meaning its time lighten your Hair especially your blondes at St Kilda's Yoshiko. Many of us allow our hair to go darker over the winter months, reflecting a darker fashion pallet. Plus the fact many of move to less intensive hair colour regime.

As the the dreary winter is behind us, our spirits are lifted which is matched a more colourful fashion pallet. Which is perfectly alined with lighter hair colours. Be it balayage or a classic head of highlights, spring is the perfect time move a lighter hair tone.

For our Seamless Balayage clients we recommend that you come into the Salon so your hair can receive a French Gloss treatment. French Gloss is a new range of toners from L'Oreal Professional that will ltone your hair while adding shine.

Yoshiko is known for our Blondes. Spring is the perfect time receive your next full or half head of foils. So your hair colour colouring shall align with your last appointment before Christmas. Adding a few more highlights shall help to lift your hair for Spring / Summer.

At Yoshiko Hair where your seamless blonde where the foils seem to grow out of the scalp , we recommend that you do Colour the Smart Way. By using Smartbond with your L'Oreal hair colour you shall protect your hair from damage while improving its condition and shine.

keeping your balayage beautiful using a french gloss. st kilda hairdressers, yoshiko hair. by Dani Blakeley

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Balayage is a great low maintenance Hair Colour look. Yet to keep your Balayage as fabulous as the day you left the salon, you need to maintain your colour with a French Gloss.

Balayage is a natural graduated colouring technique, created by the expert placement of hair colour to natural hair. The end result should be Seamless. At Yoshiko Hair we paid ourselves to being Colour Placement experts and all things Balayage. Using only world leading L'Oreal Professional, we will never leave hair showing gaps, strips or looking sort of just wrong! To keep your perfect Yoshiko Balayage looking great, we suggest that you come into the salon between colours.

L'Oreal Professional the inventors of Blonde have developed French Gloss to keep your Balayage looking Fab! A French Gloss will remove any unwanted warmth from your Balayage while adding to the shine and condition of your Hair Colour. Using L'Oreal Professional Smartbond which is Colour the Smart Way, your hair condition shall be Protected and Enhanced. We would recommend that your come into Yoshiko Hair for your French Gloss every six to eight weeks.

Remember life is too short for average hair. Visit Yoshiko!

st kilda hairdressers yoshiko hair head back into the studio. by Dani Blakeley

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Yoshiko Hair have created over 10 cut and colour collections for International Hair Product Companies, showcased across Australia. The team has returned to the studio for some more hair fun.

Creativity is central to the existence of Yoshiko Hair, from our inception. Leaded by Creative Director Dani Blakeley, the tight team at Yoshiko have worked on more than 30 shoots for the salon. Dani before forming Yoshiko had worked on international advertising campaigns and dozen of shoots. Dani shared their the creative process with Hass on our latest shoot. Hass having being part of the Shu Uemura Creative Team last year brought with him a wealth of experience to the shoot. Having perviously worked on Hollywood Block Buster movies.

The team at Yoshiko again got to collaborate with Melbourne fashion photographer Peter Rosetzky. Yoshiko and Peter are natural mix. With both parties in believing in keeping it real with very little digital interference. The hairstyle you see in our images is a true representation of the haircut on the model.

At Yoshiko Hair we are about keeping it real. Be it an International Magazine Cover or a client walking out of the door at Yoshiko. We are about beautiful hair.