The right hairstyle for your face shape. by Richard Cooke

When choosing the right hairstyle for you, you need to consider the shape of your face.


Celebrities with a round face include, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, and Kirsten Dunst.

Long hair can look great but not to long and with layers and a side parting. Sort sweeping side fringes look great as they open up the forehead. Medium length is also good especially asymmetric styles, if you are favoring a bob make sure its not chin length keep the front longer and take the hair shorter at the back. Short hair can work really well so well as the length around the face isn’t inline with the chin, I recommend around the middle of the ear and textured and soft not blunt, undercuts and asymmetry also can look amazing. Avoid too much bulk if you have very thick and frizzy or bulky hair consider a keratin treatment to reduce bulk.


Celebrities pictured below such as Charliz Theron, Anne Hathaway and Alexia Chung. If you have an oval face shape consider yourself to be very fortunate as any hairstyle will look great on you.


Celebrities pictured below with heart shaped faces include Reece Witherspoon, Ginifer Goodwin,and Katie Holmes.

If you have a heart shaped face short pixie haircuts look great to draw attention to cheekbones and eyes. Longer hair looks great with side swept fringes and soft layers. Bobs also look great but keep your bobs around chin length or longer not above the chin.


Celebrities pictured below with square faces include Gwent Patrol and Keera Knietly.


If you have a square shaped face Long Hair with layers worn either wavy or straight. Long bobs look amazing especially shorter at the back leaving the length at the front and worn with a bit of body and texture. Short hair can also work but keep the fringe area longer and sweep over to one side this creates softness. Avoid pulling hair straight back from the face.


Celebrities Pictured below with a long face include Jennifer Garner and Jerry Hall.


If you are going to wear your hair long and you have a long face you need to always wear it with lots of body and wave. Fringes also look great if you have a long face. Medium length is my favorite, once again worn with lots of body and wave. Blunt bobs can also look amazing with or without fringes. Short hair can also work well but with hair on the face.