hair inspiration

behind the scenes on st kilda hairdresser yoshiko hair's ahfa 2015 finalist shoot. lineaire. by Dani Blakeley

Yoshiko Hair's Dani's photographic collection Lineaire, was selected as a finalist in the highly regarded Australian Hair Fashion Awards - vic 2015.
In this video we are taken on a journey, as  Dani with help the team at Yoshiko create Lineaire. Every photo shoot has an underlining theme. This theme is reflected in this video.
Dani drew her  inspiration from graffiti art prevalent on the lane ways on Melbourne. A combination of strong architectural lines with freehand spray painting of street art. The video explores this theme taking septets of our urban environment highlighting strong lines; yet softened with imagery of our models behind the scenes on the set.
Inspiration is transferred to both colour and cut techniques developed for this shoot. Colour techniques are strong yet applied using freehand methods.  While the cuts that are strong and directional. Yet soft and feminine.  A trademark of the work of Yoshiko.
Hair inspiration from Yoshiko Hair is in strong demand around the globe. With fashion forecast  and collections regularly published in cities such as New York, Paris, London, San Paulo, Milan and Shanghai.
Dani is a guest artist for L'Oreal Professional Australia.