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choosing a hairstyle that suits you and your lifestyle -yoshiko hair st kilda by Dani Blakeley

A great hairstyle will suite you and your lifestyle. The right style on someone older will take years off your age, give you confidence and/or make you stand out in the crowd.
I believe that a woman of a certain age shouldn't just cut off their hair because of age. Long beautifully styled hair  on some older is a great look.
If you are to wear your hair long, wear it out. It is amazing how many women with long hair always wear their hair tired back in an unflattering way and harsh manner. Big loose waves are great in softening  your look.
Short hair can look great but shall need to be styled daily. Great short hair must be designed to suite you and your lifestyle. At Yoshiko we shall cut your hair so it is easy to style. Short hair should be well maintained so make sure that you make regular appointments.
I am constantly amazed how many short cuts have no shape or design. I believe if you go short, go the extra step and go for a more edgy style that demands attention. The right sort of attention!
One of the most flattering hair styles is a well cut bob. However bobs without shape or graduation can look harsh and boring. A bob should suite your face shape and your hair type.
Your hairstyle can be enhanced by the use of colour, olaplex, keratin  and hair treatments. Your hair experts at Yoshiko are able to determine which hairstyle shall suit you.
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