2017 autumn hair trends - st kilda hairdresser yoshiko hair by Dani Blakeley

yoshiko hair stkilda hairdresser hair trends

With the colder months approaching us in Melbourne, it is a great time to update your hair colour and cut.

Yoshiko Hair's Dani who regularly has done Hair Forecast, for renown journals such as The Colorist and Behind the Chair in the USA sees the the following trends developing:

With Hair Colour we shall see softer colours. Colours such as Rose Gold, Beige Blondes, Caramel and ChestNut Browns shall be popular. Ballyage remain a strong trend, but with blonde tones softened for Autumn.

With L'Oreal Professional and Smartbond you will be able to have the confidence that your hair, shall maintain its condition with these colours. 

To help your colour last longer make sure you a good Colour Shampoo. Shu Uemura's Colour Luste shampoo help maintain virbracy in your hair colour. While Shu Uemura's Colour Enhancing Conditioners shall help maintain your colour. Warm Blonde,Venetian Blonde and Chestnut shall be ideal with this years Autumn Colours.

Both Yoshiko's Kelly and Dani are Colour Guest Artist for L'Oreal  Professional, Australia.

a easy way to keep your hair hydrated and shiny by Dani Blakeley


To keep your hair looking great and hydrated,  the most import thing in your bathroom is a good Heat Protector. Often overlooked Heat Protectors are a must when using Straightening Irons, Wands or Dryers on your hair.

Apply a Heat Protector such as Shu Uemura's Camillia Oil or Pureology's 21 Spray, before you dry the hair. Then re-apply before before using your irons or wands.

Heat protectors not only protect the hair from damage caused by styling tools, but treat your hair at the same time. Our Hair Experts at Yoshiko are able to guide you to a product most suitable to your hair.

Shu Uemura finds a home in St kilda. by Richard Cooke

Yoshiko hair is now a Shu Uemura Art of Hair, Atelier salon. On the back of the highly respected skin care and makeup range ;Hollywood based session stylist Mr Uemura, has developed a hair range which has no equal in the world. Yoshiko is proud to be selected to be one of only 80 (maximum) salons around Australia, to supply this range. The range has been built around premium high-grade ingredients such as camellia oil,lotus flower and musk rose oil. Matched with the best in science. Yoshiko Hair creative director Dani Blakeley has never come across a range, which matches Art of Hair for effectiveness, hair health and a sense of indulgence.


Atelier (France) - a workshop of artist of the fine or decorative arts. Atelier - Yoshiko Hair