At Yoshiko hair we undertake a thorough consultation before we cut your hair, discussing your unique style, hair type, thoughts and lifestyle. We also like to chat about how much time you like to spend caring and styling for your hair at home. We take the time to listen and then advise upon the right cut for you. New Yoshiko hair clients more often than not come via word of mouth, having stopped one of our clients in the street, to find out where they have had their hair cut, or via a referral from a friend or family member.

yoshiko couture

cut & dry  $105
cut & blow-dry   $125
cut & restyle  $150
mens cut  $77
uni student   $105
high school student  $95
primary school student  $55
under 5 years old  $40

yoshiko designer -n/a

cut & dry  $85
cut & blow-dry   $95
cut & restyle  $120
mens cut  $65
uni student  $75
high school student   $70
primary school student    $40
under 5 years old  $30


yoshiko couture

Award winning hair stylists and colourists! Masters of their craft, involved in hair shows, photographic collections and education. If you crave perfection and want the ultimate haircut and colour, then Yoshiko couture is for you.

yoshiko designer - currently unavailable

Yoshiko designers have attained the high standards expected at Yoshiko hair and are accomplished in a range of services. If you want to experience Yoshiko hair at a more affordable price, then a Yoshiko designer is the perfect choice.