If your hair is not as manageable and smooth as you’d like it to be due to frizzyness, dryness and dullness, then a keratin treatment could be the perfect solution. A keratin treatment is not a straightening treatment but a smoothing treatment that leaves your hair in the most beautiful condition. The treatment lasts for up to three months, however we have found that most of our clients are getting around 5-6 months from our keratin treatments.

keratin from  $300

Smartbond and conditioning treatments

We stock a range of luxurious treatments which are designed enhance the condition of your hair. These treatments are designed to address all hair conditions and seasonal variations. Including Smartbond which is the leading bond protector on the market. A must for all blondes, Smartbond doesn't rebuild the bonds during colouring but protects and strengthens the bonds before damage has occurred.. A Yoshiko treatment that followed by a blow-dry service so you leave Yoshiko looking and feeling fabulous!

Power dose $20
Shu Uemura $20
Shiatsu $40

Smartbond $40+